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The petition shall be verified and may be upon information and belief. The petition shall set forth plainly the facts which bring the child within the Court’s jurisdiction; the name, age and residence of the child and the names and residences of his or her parents, guardian or other custodian or of his nearest relative if no parent, guardian or other custodian is known; the relief requested and an endorsement of witnesses intended to be called by the petitioner; if any facts required are not known by the petitioner, the petitioner shall so state, along with the reasons why said facts are not known to petitioner. Any action pertaining to the possible termination of the legal relationship between parent(s) and child(ren) must contain a motion for such action based on continued disregard for the reasonable orders of the Court of the Osage Nation. The petition shall be signed by the Tribal Prosecutor or designee. A copy of the petition shall be attached to and delivered with the summons.