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A. At the adjudicatory hearing, which shall be conducted as provided by the Rules of Civil Procedure, the Court shall consider whether the allegations of the petition are supported by a preponderance of the evidence; except that jurisdictional matters of the age and residence of the child(ren) shall be deemed admitted by or on behalf of the child(ren) unless specifically denied prior to the adjudicatory hearing.

B. When it appears that the evidence presented at the hearing discloses issues not raised in the petition, the Court may proceed immediately to consider the additional or different matters raised by the evidence.

C. In such event, the Court, on the motion of any party to the case or on its own motion, shall order the petition to be amended to conform to the evidence.

D. If the amendment results in a substantial departure from the original allegations in the petition, the Court shall continue the hearing on the motion of any interested party, or the Court may grant a continuance on its own motion. If it finds it to be in the bests interest(s) of the child(ren) or any other party to the proceeding.