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A. In every case the Court shall order the Indian Child Welfare Department to prepare a detailed case plan for the treatment and disposition of the problems identified in the adjudication.

B. The case plan shall contain:

1. A brief social and family history;

2. A brief statement of the causes of the Court exercising its jurisdiction;

3. The specific treatment programs the family is required to complete, their duration, and what is expected to be accomplished;

4. The specific actions the parents, guardian or other custodian or child should be ordered to do or refrain from doing and the reasons therefore;

5. The specific treatment or other social services offered by the Osage Nation or other agencies which the family should be required to accept;

6. The person or agency to be vested with custody of the child if the child cannot remain in its own home and a detailed plan describing how and when the child will be returned to its home under supervision and when Court supervision should cease;

7. The goal(s) of the plan, whether that be reunification, independent living, adoption, etc.

C. The case plan shall be filed with the Court and a copy delivered to the parties or their attorney at the earliest opportunity.

D. The case plan must contain reasonable goals that can be accomplished. Innovative plans shall be utilized in order to gain a higher prospective degree of success.