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A. The Indian Child Welfare Department shall cause to be prepared for each review hearing required herein a written report concerning each child who is the subject of such review.

B. Said report shall include but not be limited to:

1. A summary of the physical, mental and emotional condition of the child, the conditions existing in the out-of-home placement where the child has been placed and the child’s adjustment thereto;

2. A report on the child’s progress in school, and if the child has been placed outside the child’s home, the visitation exercised by the parents of the child or other persons authorized by the Court;

3. Services being provided to a child sixteen (16) years of age or older to assist in the transition from out-of-home care or other placement to independent living; and

4. Any efforts on the part of the parent or parents to correct the conditions which caused the child to be adjudicated deprived. Specific recommendations, giving reasons therefore, whether:

a. The parental rights of the parent or parents of the child should be terminated and the child placed for adoption;

b. The child should remain in the home or be placed outside of the home of the child’s lawful parents; or

c. The child should remain outside the home or be returned to the home from which the child was removed.

C. The Guardian Ad Litem representing a child may submit a report to the Court for presentation at the review hearing to assist the Court in reviewing the placement or status of the child. The legal custodian shall not deny to a child the right of access to counsel and shall facilitate such access.

D. All reports shall be filed in the Court not later than five days prior to the review. Further, the reports are to be to the Tribal Prosecutor, Guardian Ad Litem and other parties or attorneys involved, no later than five days prior to the review. All incidents and information involving the five days prior to the review may be given in addendum to the report in writing or orally at the review hearing.