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The Judge of the Osage Nation Trial Court shall be responsible for making available a person to be appointed, who may be the Juvenile Judge, or any other officer of the Court, to be available by telephone at all times to act with the authorization and be the authority of the Juvenile Division of the Court when no judicial officer is present in the Court, to issue written or verbal temporary protective orders, or in the alternative or in addition thereto, the Judge may enter her general order detailing the procedure to be used in taking children into custody on an emergency basis when no Judge or Magistrate is present at the Court. These orders may be requested by the Indian Child Welfare Department, an Osage Nation law enforcement officer, an administrator of a hospital in which a child reasonably believed to have been abused or neglected is being treated, or any physician who has before him a child he reasonably believes has been abused or neglected, whether or not additional medical treatment is required, if the belief that circumstances or the condition of the child is such that continuing in his place of residence or in the care and custody of the person responsible for his care and custody would present an imminent danger to that child’s life or health. The Indian Child Welfare Department shall be notified of such action immediately by the Court-appointed official in order that child protective proceedings may be initiated. In every case in which a temporary protective custody order has been issued, the Indian Child Welfare Department through the Tribal Prosecutor shall file a dependency or neglect petition within five working days unless a petition has already been filed.