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A. The Osage Nation Child Protection Team shall be designated as the entity for screening all referrals by the Indian Child Welfare Department related to child abuse or neglect. Utilization of the existing county child protection team serves to provide professional screening of difficult cases, promotes confidentiality and avoids needless duplication of agencies serving the same client population. Through broad-based representation, including representation from the Osage Nation membership, Indian Child Welfare Department and the local school district, the county child protection team can provide a broad range of referral services, which will maximize treatment options available to families.

B. The child protection team is technical and advisory in nature; it is not intended to undermine the authority and responsibility of individual agencies. It is designed to promote cooperation, communication and consistency among agencies. Although it is appropriate for the child protection team to debate what actions would best promote the well-being of a child and provide relevant information and advice to decision-making agencies, the child protection team’s purpose shall be to facilitate rather than hinder the decision-making process.

C. Strict confidentiality shall be maintained by all child protection team members.

D. Recommendations are to be made by the child protection team to correct the problems which caused the abuse or neglect and prevent it from occurring again. The child protection team should facilitate the development and implementation of a plan to promote the long-term well-being of the child and appropriate family members.