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A. The child protection team shall report its recommendations to the Indian Child Welfare Department with suggestions for further action or a statement that the team has no recommendations or suggestions.

B. The duties of the child protection team include:

1. Monitoring child abuse and neglect reports to insure that adequate preventive, protective and corrective services are provided;

2. Reviewing and tracking of all child abuse and neglect cases which have been referred;

3. Reviewing referrals for recommendations related to the filing of dependency/neglect petitions;

4. Reviewing case plans for the adequacy;

5. Maintaining confidentiality of information;

6. Sending local child protection team data to area child protection teams;

7. Developing standards to determine which cases should be investigated;

8. Providing information and technical recommendations to the Indian Child Welfare Department;

9. Educating communities about child abuse and neglect problems and solutions;

10. Identifying danger signs which prompt intervention and/or preventive actions;

11. Assisting in the development and implementation of plans to promote the long-term well-being of children and their families;

12. Assisting in the development and implementation of strategies by communities to create environments which provide opportunities for community members to lead meaningful, productive, self-fulfilling and rewarding lives. These environments should promote the dignity, self-worth, self-respect and self-sufficiency of community members.