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A. In any proceeding initiated pursuant to this section, the Court shall name as respondents all persons alleged by the petition to be the legal or actual physical custodians or guardians of the child. In every such case, the responsible person shall be named as respondent. Summons shall be issued for all named respondents.

B. The Court in every case filed under this chapter shall appoint, if funds are available, at no fee, a Guardian Ad Litem at the first appearance of the case in Court. The Guardian Ad Litem shall be provided with all reports relevant to the case made to or by any agency or person pursuant to this chapter and with reports of any examination of the responsible person made pursuant to this section. The Court or the worker assigned to the case shall advise the Guardian Ad Litem of significant developments in the case, particularly any further abuse or neglect of the child involved. The Guardian Ad Litem shall be charged in general with the representation of the child’s interest. To that end he shall make such further investigations as deemed necessary to ascertain the facts, talk with or observe the child involved, interview witnesses and the foster/alternative parents of the child, and examine and cross-examine witnesses in both the adjudicatory and dispositional hearings and may introduce and examine witnesses, make recommendations to the Court concerning the child’s welfare and participate further in the proceedings to the degree necessary to adequately represent the child.

C. If the prayer of the petition is granted, the costs of this proceeding, including Guardian Ad Litem and expert witness fees may be charged by the Court against the respondent(s).

D. It is not necessary that the Guardian Ad Litem be an attorney.