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A. Foster care” or “alternative care” means continuous twenty-four hour care and supportive services provided for a child in foster placement while the child needs out-of-home placement.

B. Foster child” means a child placed in foster placement.

C. Foster family” means all persons living in a foster family home, other than a foster child.

D. Foster home” or “alternative care home” means a facility for the care of not more than ten (10) children in a family-type setting, or approved pursuant to Osage Nation law, or, if outside the Osage Nation jurisdiction, by the law of the jurisdiction in which such facility is physically located, or both.

E. Foster parent” or “foster care provider” means any individual maintaining a foster family home, who is responsible for the care of a foster child.

F. Foster placement” means a foster family home providing foster care services.

G. Out-of-home placement” means a placement, other than a placement in the home of the parent or guardian from whose custody the Court has removed the child, until the child is reunited with the child’s parents or a permanent placement is made.

H. Relative” means a grandparent, great-grandparent, brother or sister of whole or half-blood, aunt, uncle or any other person related to the child within the fourth degree of consanguinity.