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A. Single or two parent households are appropriate, dependent on the particular needs of a child.

B. The presence of other children and other adults in the home will be considered in terms of the affect upon another child.

C. The number and ages of children in a home shall be considered on a case by case basis, taking into account the alternative parent(s) ability to meet the needs of all children present in the home, physical accommodations of the home and especially the affect which an additional child would have on the family as a unit. It is preferable that:

1. Alternative care parent(s) shall not care for more than the number of infants it appears they are capable of adequately providing for;

2. Alternative care families should have sufficient resources for all children in the home. Exceptions shall be made in order to keep siblings together;

3. The age range of the children in an alternative care home shall be agreed upon by parent(s) and Indian Child Welfare Department;

4. All placement situations shall consider the affect of having some children in the home whose parent(s) or custodian(s) visit them and other children whose parent(s) or custodian(s) do not;

5. Alternative care homes shall not provide placements for more than one agency at a time without written agreement delineating the responsibilities of all parties involved.