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A. Adjudicatory hearing” means a hearing to determine whether the allegations of a petition filed pursuant to the provisions of this chapter were supported by the evidence and whether a juvenile should be adjudged to be a ward of the Court.

B. Adult” means a person eighteen (18) years of age or over or an emancipated minor; except that any person alleged to have committed a delinquent act before he became eighteen (18) years of age shall be considered a child under this chapter for the purpose of adjudication and disposition of the delinquent act.

C. Child” or “juvenile” means any person under the age of eighteen (18) years of age, except for any person certified as an adult for purposes of this chapter.

D. Child or juvenile in need of mental health treatment” means a juvenile in need of mental health treatment as defined by Oklahoma’s Inpatient Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment of Children Act, 43A O.S. § 5-501 et seq.

E. Child or juvenile in need of supervision” means any child:

1. Who has repeatedly disobeyed reasonable and lawful commands or directives of parents, legal guardians or other custodians; or

2. Who is wilfully and voluntarily absent from the home without the consent of parents, guardians or legal custodians for a substantial period of time or without intent to return; or

3. Who, being subject to compulsory school attendance, is wilfully, voluntarily and habitually absent from school in violation of law; or

4. Who has been served with an ex parte or final protective order.

F. Day treatment” means a program which provides intensive services to juveniles who reside in their own home, the home of a relative or a foster home. Day treatment programs include educational services and may be operated as a part of a residential facility.

G. Delinquent child or juvenile” means a juvenile who:

1. Has violated any Osage Nation, federal or state law or municipal ordinance except a traffic statute or traffic ordinance, has violated any lawful order of the Court made pursuant to the provisions of the Osage Nation Juvenile Code or the Oklahoma Juvenile Code; or

2. Has habitually violated traffic laws or ordinances.

H. Detention” means the temporary care of a child who requires secure custody in physically restricting facilities pending Court disposition or a Court order for placement or commitment.

I. Dispositional hearing” means a hearing to determine the order of disposition which should be made with respect to a juvenile adjudged to be a ward of the Court to determine what treatment should be ordered for the family and the child and what placement of the child should be made during the period of treatment.

J. Facility” means a place, an institution, a building or part thereof, a set of buildings or an area whether or not enclosing a building or set of buildings which is used for the lawful custody and treatment of juveniles.

K. Indian Child Welfare” or “Indian Child Welfare Department” means the Indian Child Welfare program of the Osage Nation.

L. Institution” means a residential facility offering care and treatment for more than twenty (20) residents. Said institution may:

1. Have a program which includes community participation and community-based services; or

2. Be a secure facility with a program exclusively designed for a particular category of resident.

M. Intake” means a mandatory, pre-adjudicatory interview of the juvenile and, if available, the parents, legal guardian or other custodian of the juvenile, which is performed by a duly authorized individual to determine whether a juvenile comes within the purview of this chapter, whether nonadjudicatory alternatives are available and appropriate and if the filing of a petition is necessary.

N. Juvenile Court” or “Court” means the Juvenile Division of the Osage Nation Court system or the Juvenile Court or CFR Court established for other Indian Tribes or as state juvenile courts as appropriate from the context.

O. Juvenile detention facility” means a secure facility which is entirely separate from any prison, jail, adult lockup or other adult facility, for the temporary care of children.

P. Probation” means a legal status created by Court order whereby a delinquent juvenile is permitted to remain outside a facility directly or by contract under prescribed conditions and under supervision by the Osage Nation, subject to return to the Court for violation of any of the conditions prescribed. ONCA 11-41, eff. Apr. 12, 2011.