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A. The Court may appoint a Guardian Ad Litem to protect the interest of the child in proceedings pursuant to this chapter when:

1. No parent, guardian, custodian or relative of the child appears at the first or any subsequent hearing in the case; or

2. The Court finds that there may be a conflict of interest between the child and parent, guardian or other custodian; or

3. The Court finds that it is in the child’s interest and welfare and necessary, whether or not a parent, guardian or other custodian is present.

B. The Court my appoint a Guardian Ad Litem for any parent in proceedings pursuant to this chapter who has been determined to be mentally ill by a Court of competent jurisdiction or is developmentally disabled; except that, if a Conservator does not serve as Guardian Ad Litem, the Conservator shall be informed that a Guardian Ad Litem has been appointed.

C. At the time any child first appears in Court, if it is determined that there is no Guardian of the person, the Court shall appoint a Guardian of the person of the child before proceeding with the matter.

D. In all proceedings brought for the protection of a child suffering from abuse or nonaccidental injury, a Guardian Ad Litem may be appointed for said child. Said Guardian shall have the power to represent the child in the legal proceedings.

E. All Guardians Ad Litem shall, whenever practical, be required to personally visit the place of residence of the child.