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If the child has been adjudicated as being delinquent, the Court shall transmit, with the commitment order, a copy of the petition, the order of adjudication, copies of the social study, any clinical or educational reports and other information pertinent to the care and treatment of the child.

A. The designated institution shall provide the Court with any information concerning a child committed to its care which the Court at any time may require.

B. A commitment of a child to a designated institution under this section shall be for an indeterminate period not to exceed two years.

C. The Indian Child Welfare Department may petition the Court to extend the commitment for an additional period not to exceed two years. The petition shall set forth the reasons why it would be in the best interest of the child or the public to extend the commitment. Upon filing the petition, the Court shall notify all interested parties.

D. Each commitment to a designated institution shall be reviewed no later than six months after it is entered and each six months thereafter.