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A. No arrangements for placement of any child who is voluntarily relinquished shall be arranged by any person or agency other than the Indian Child Welfare Department or a licensed placement agency approved by the Indian Child Welfare Department.

1. In cases involving an unborn child whose parent(s) are planning to relinquish parental rights at the time of the child’s birth, every effort shall be made by the Indian Child Welfare Department to study and approve the prospective adoptive placement prior to the child’s birth so that interim foster care can be avoided.

2. The same care shall be taken to place any older child, who is voluntarily relinquished, in the home which affords the most likely probability of being a permanent adoptive home.

B. The Indian Child Welfare Department may place a child in pre-adoptive placement pending a Court hearing on the relinquishment and proposed adoption providing that the home meets the minimum standards required by the Indian Child Welfare Department for pre-adoptive placements.

C. The relinquishment forms and a petition requesting approval of the pre-adoptive placement shall be filed in the Trial Court within forty-eight (48) hours of the child’s placement. The petition shall set forth the following:

1. The basis of the Court’s jurisdiction;

2. The full name, sex, date of birth, residence and tribal affiliation of the child and the relinquishing parent(s);

3. A full description of the relinquishment procedures and the placement plan for the child.

D. The Court upon review of the petition, shall make findings that the child is a ward of the Osage Nation Trial Court under the care, control and supervision of the Indian Child Welfare Department until such time as a final order of adoption is issued or in those cases involving nonadoptive placement, until further order of the Court.