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Unless the Court shall otherwise order, all hearings held in proceedings under this chapter shall be confidential and shall be held in closed Court without admission of any person other than interested parties and witnesses. Further, all papers, records or files pertaining to proceedings under this chapter, except the final decree of adoption, kept by the Court or by the Indian Child Welfare Department shall be confidential and withheld from inspection except upon order of the Court for good cause shown. Upon application and for good cause being shown, the Court, by written order reciting its findings, may permit the necessary information to be released, or may restrict the purposes for which it shall be used. Any person in charge of adoption records or having access to adoption records or information who discloses any information, including but not limited to, all records and reports relevant to the case and any records and reports of examination of the minor’s parent or other custodian pertaining to an adoption proceedings, contrary to the provisions of this chapter, may be charged criminally with a misdemeanor or be held civilly liable.