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A petition for adoption shall be filed in duplicate, verified by the petitioners, and shall specifically state:

A. The full names, ages and places of residence of the petitioners, and, if married, the place and date of their marriage;

B. Their relationship with the child, if any, and their tribal affiliation by blood and membership;

C. When and from whom the petitioners acquired or intend to acquire physical custody of the child;

D. The names of the child’s biological parents and their tribal affiliation by blood and membership, including tribal roll or membership numbers, if known;

E. The date and place of birth of the child including the jurisdiction issuing the birth certificate for said child, the child’s sex and tribal affiliation by blood and membership, including tribal roll or membership, if known;

F. The name used for the child in the proceeding, and if a change in name is desired, the new name;

G. That it is the desire of the petitioners that the relationship of the parent and child be established between them and the child;

H. A full description and statement of the value of all property owned by or possessed by the child;

I. The facts, if any, which excuse the consent of the parents or either of them to the adoption;

J. Any required consents to the adoption must be filed with the Court prior to entry of a decree of adoption;

K. The facts which bring the child within the jurisdiction of the Court.