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A. Upon the filing of a petition for adoption, the Court shall request the Indian Child Welfare Department, with the technical assistance of the state and other government branches of welfare, to make an investigation of the petitioners. Such investigation shall include the history of the child; appropriate inquiry to determine whether the proposed home is a suitable one for the child; and any other circumstances and conditions which may have a bearing on the adoption or custody and of which the Court should have knowledge.

B. A written assessment, completed by the Indian Child Welfare Department shall accompany all petitions for adoption, including step-parent adoptions. Such assessments shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

1. The reasons for the availability of the child for adoption, including background information related to the biological parents;

2. The length of time the child has been in the care of the petitioner(s) and the adjustment of the child to that living arrangement;

3. An evaluation of the physical, mental and emotional health of the petitioner(s), all other members of the household and the child who is the subject of the petition;

4. An evaluation of the proposed physical setting in which the child will be placed with attention to safety issues;

5. A discussion of how the proposed placement resembles or is compatible with the child’s culture, identity and tribal affiliation;

6. A discussion of the petitioner’s plans and ability to promote the child’s healthy growth and development;

7. A recommendation for placement which specifically addresses the best interests of the child.