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A. The Osage Nation Child Support Code shall comply with the Osage Nation Civil and Criminal Codes, and other applicable federal laws and regulations. In a paternity action, child support action as part of divorce action or action for separate maintenance, or other child support action and in serving the best interest of an Indian child, the Office of Administrative Hearings and the Trial Court shall have personal and subject matter jurisdiction over the following:

1. Enrolled members of the Nation; and/or

2. Parties that consent to the jurisdiction of the Court; and/or

3. Children residing within the boundaries of the Osage Reservation as related to establishing paternity; establishing, modifying, and enforcing child support orders; and the locating of noncustodial parents; and/or

4. Person(s), whether or not a resident of the Osage Reservation, who is a party to a child support action.

B. The venue for child support and paternity proceedings shall be at the Office of Administrative Hearings or the Trial Court located in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. ONCA 12-51, eff. June 18, 2012.