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A. Except where otherwise provided and subject to the Nation’s approval process, ONCSS shall have the authority to promulgate rules, regulations, policies and procedures necessary to carry out the provisions of the Osage Nation Child Support Code and the Osage Nation Paternity Code.

B. ONCSS shall have the authority to conduct child support services and to initiate legal actions including appeals through appropriate tribal and state courts or through administrative proceedings for the following, but not necessarily limited to: the authority to establish paternity and child support obligations; to locate noncustodial and custodial parents and their financial assets; and in the enforcement, establishment and modification of child support obligations, through the processes contained in this Code or by federal child support laws under Title IV-D.

C. ONCSS shall have the authority to conduct genetic testing of a mother and alleged father(s) and their child(ren) in accordance with the Osage Nation Paternity Code for the establishment of child support. Osage or other Native American traditional and/or customary objections to genetic testing shall not be a basis for refusal to undergo such testing.

D. ONCSS shall be exempt from any filing fees required of individuals in the Nation’s courts in matters pertaining to the official functions and duties of the ONCSS.

E. ONCSS shall have the authority to report the names and social security numbers of obligors and the amounts of unpaid public and/or support debt to credit reporting bureaus, driver license and recreational licensing agencies and professional licensing agencies and boards in accordance with federal regulations.

F. ONCSS shall have the authority to set or reset the schedule of fees required on the establishment and enforcement of public debt and child support, including application fees, filing and other fees associated with the process. In accordance with 45 CFR § 309, the ONCSS may not charge more than Twenty-Five Dollars ($25.00) for an application fee.

G. ONCSS shall have the authority to utilize funds, which it collects pursuant to this Code through a revolving cost account for the operation of child support services, subject to authorization for expenditure of such funds through the chain of authority of the Nation; provided, that state and federal funds shall not be supplanted by fees collected by ONCSS.

H. ONCSS shall have the authority to request and receive information from the following entities, but not necessarily limited to: other state IV-D agencies, other tribal IV-D agencies, municipal authorities, public utilities, cable companies and financial institutions, in order to locate custodial and noncustodial parent(s) or obligor(s) and their assets.

I. ONCSS shall have the authority to negotiate cooperative agreements and/or contracts as necessary to implement the provisions of this Code subject to the approval of the Principal Chief.

J. ONCSS shall have authority to request the court to issue a subpoena in order to obtain the names, addresses, employment information and all other necessary data regarding noncustodial parent(s) or obligor(s).

K. ONCSS shall have authority to establish or enforce through administrative proceedings the following child support actions: the establishment of paternity; the establishment, modification and enforcement of child support orders; the collection and distribution of child support; and parent and asset location services. ONCA 12-51, eff. June 18, 2012.