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A. The ONCSS shall provide through the administrative or judicial processes established through the Osage Nation Child Support Code and Paternity Code, the following Title IV-D child support services as required by federal and tribal law:

1. Locating custodial and noncustodial parents and their financial assets and resources through available local, state and federal sources;

2. Establishing paternity for child support of a minor child pursuant to the Osage Nation Paternity Code;

3. Establishing child support obligations through judicial and administrative processes including establishing temporary orders;

4. Enforcing child support judicial and administrative orders of the Osage Nation and other tribal and state child support orders;

5. Assisting custodial parents recoup out-of-pocket medical expenses.

6. Assisting other tribal and child support agencies upon request by another child support agency;

7. Initiating income assignments for income withholding and notifying employers of the income withholding;

8. The modification of child support orders and to review cases for compliance with the child support guidelines;

9. The collection and distribution of child support payments;

10. The maintenance of child support records and files; and

11. Other services as required by Title IV-D laws and regulations.

B. The ONCSS shall not provide services prohibited by tribal or federal child support laws and shall not provide services for the following actions, including but not limited to: the establishment or modification of visitation rights; the establishment or modification of custody or spousal support; dissolution of a marriage or divorce; and enforcement of marital property or settlements. ONCA 12-51, eff. June 18, 2012.