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A. Child support services shall be provided to any custodial or noncustodial person who submits a completed child support application. An applicant for child support services shall assign her or his child support rights to the Department.

B. The ONCSS may terminate child support services when: a minor child emancipates by age or marriage; a court order; a child support applicant requests in writing that the ONCSS terminate the child support services provided there is no state or tribal assistance monies owed to another state or tribe; an applicant violates any terms for receiving child support services or refuses to cooperate with the ONCSS for receiving child support services under tribal or federal law; or, if the child enlists in the military. In a case that involves noncooperation of an applicant for child support services, the appropriate tribal, state and federal agencies shall be notified of the noncooperation.

C. Proof of service shall be made through personal service or certified mail. Each party to a child support proceeding shall provide to the ONCSS an address of record and a physical address for service of process. A party who has any change of an address of record or a physical address shall provide the ONCSS with the new address(es) within thirty (30) days.

D. The address of record shall be subject to disclosure to a party upon request pursuant to tribal and federal child support laws and procedures. If there is evidence of domestic violence or child abuse and disclosure could be harmful to a party or child, the address of record and physical address shall not be disclosed by the ONCSS.

E. The ONCSS may seek reimbursements for child support service costs in a judicial or administrative proceeding against a party for the establishment of paternity; and establishment, modification and enforcement of child support orders that includes the following, but are not limited to: the cost of genetic test fees, court filing fees, process server fees, and mailing costs. ONCA 12-51, eff. June 18, 2012.