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A. Any payment of public assistance monies by a state or tribe for the benefit of any dependent child(ren) such as TANF, foster care, or medical support may create a debt due and owing to the state or tribe by the natural or adoptive parents who are responsible for the support of such child(ren).

B. When a state or tribe provides public assistance monies for the benefit of a child, such as TANF, foster care, or medical support, the state and/or tribe shall become a necessary party for the adjudication of the debt due to the issuing state or tribe for the public assistance monies.

C. The public assistance debt shall be limited to the amount provided for in an administrative or judicial court order or if a court order has not been established the amount due is equal to the amount of public assistance money paid on behalf of the dependent child. The ONCSS shall have the right to petition the appropriate court for modification of a court order on the same grounds as a party to said cause. The ONCSS shall be subrogated to the right of said child or children to prosecute or maintain any support action or execute any administrative remedy existing under the laws of the Osage Nation to obtain reimbursement of money thus expended.

D. The ONCSS shall not proceed to collect any debt under this section from a parent or other person while they are currently receiving any state or tribal TANF monies for the benefit of a minor dependent child(ren). ONCA 12-51, eff. June 18, 2012.