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A. In accordance with the Osage Nation Child Support Code and the Osage Nation Paternity Code, the ONCSS under the signature of the Director may take the following actions relating to the establishment of paternity or the establishment, modification or enforcement of a child support order, without the necessity of obtaining an order from any other judicial or administrative court:

1. To order genetic testing in cases where paternity has not been established or admitted;

2. To subpoena any financial or other information needed to establish, modify or enforce a support order.

B. To obtain access, subject to safeguards on privacy and information security, and subject to the nonliability of entities that afford such access under this subparagraph, to information contained in the following records;

1. Records of other state and local government agencies, including:

a. Vital statistics, including records of marriage, birth and divorce;

b. State and local tax and revenue records, including information on residence address, employer, income, and assets;

c. Records concerning real and titled personal property;

d. Records of occupational and professional licenses, and records concerning the ownership and control of corporations, partnership and other business entities;

e. Employment security records;

f. Records of agencies administering public assistance programs;

g. Records of the motor vehicle; and

h. Corrections records.

2. Certain records held by private entities with respect to individuals who owe or are owed support consisting of:

a. The names and addresses of such individuals and the names and addresses of the employers of such individuals, as appearing in customer records of public utilities and cable television companies, pursuant to an administrative subpoena; and

b. Information on such individuals held by financial institutions.

C. To initiate income withholding if not so ordered by a judicial or administrative court. For court-ordered child support, the Director may sign the standard income withholding order based on the child support order.

D. In cases where there is support arrearages, to secure assets to satisfy any current support obligation and the arrearage by:

1. Intercepting or seizing periodic or lump-sum payments from:

a. A state or tribal agency, including unemployment compensation, workers’ compensation, and other benefits, and

b. By attaching judgments, settlements, and lotteries;

2. Attaching and seizing assets of the obligor held in financial institutions;

3. Attaching public and private retirement funds; and

4. Imposing liens in accordance with this Act.

E. For the purpose of securing overdue support, to increase the amount of monthly support payments to include amounts for the arrearage.

F. The expedited procedures authorized in this section shall be subject to due process safeguards, including (as appropriate) requirements for notice, opportunity to contest the action and opportunity for appeal. ONCA 12-51, eff. June 18, 2012.