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A. A child shall be entitled to support by the parents until the child reaches eighteen (18) years of age. If a child is regularly enrolled in and attending high school, other means of high school education, or an alternative high school education program as a full-time student, said child shall be entitled to support by the parents until the child graduates from high school or until the age of twenty (20) years, whichever occurs first. No hearing or further order is required to extend support after the child reaches the age of eighteen (18) years.

B. The ONCSS may initiate a child support establishment action before the minor child reaches the age of eighteen (18).

C. Child support obligations are made for the custodial and noncustodial parents’ natural, legal or legally adopted minor children. A stepchild is not eligible for child support and shall not be considered in the computation for establishment of a child support order.

D. The amount of a child support order shall not be construed to be an amount per child unless specified by the trial or administrative court in the order. A child reaching the age of majority or otherwise ceasing to be entitled to support pursuant to the support order shall constitute a material change in circumstances, but shall not automatically serve to modify the order. When the last child of the parents ceases to be entitled to support, the child support obligation is automatically terminated as to prospective child support only.

E. An individual who has been legally determined to be the father of a child shall be ordered to pay all or a portion of the costs of the birth and the reasonable expenses of providing for the child for prior months from the date of the birth of the child to the filing date of the petition for establishment of paternity, not to exceed five years. ONCA 12-51, eff. June 18, 2012.

Child Support Schedule