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A. All child support shall be computed as a percentage of the combined gross income of both parents. The Child Support Guideline Schedule as provided in this Act shall be used for such computation. The child support obligation of each parent shall be computed. The share of the obligor shall be paid monthly to the obligee and shall be due on a specific date.

B. In cases in which one parent has sole physical custody, the adjusted monthly gross income of both parents shall be added together and the Child Support Guideline Schedule consulted for the total combined base monthly obligation for child support.

C. After the total combined child support is determined, the percentage share of each parent shall be allocated by computing the percentage contribution of each parent to the combined adjusted gross income and allocating that same percentage to the child support obligation to determine the base child support obligation of each parent.

D. In cases of split custody, where each parent is awarded physical custody of at least one of the children for whom the parents are responsible, the child support obligation for each parent shall be calculated by application of the child support guidelines for each custodial arrangement.

E. The parent with the larger child support obligation shall pay the difference between the two amounts to the parent with the smaller child support obligation.

F. Child support shall be computed as set forth in subsections (A) through (D) of this section in every case, regardless of whether the custodial arrangement is designated as sole custody or joint custody.

G. The Court, to the extent reasonably possible, shall make provision in an order for prospective adjustment of support to address any foreseen changes including, but not limited to, changes in medical insurance, child care expenses, medical expenses, extraordinary costs, and the satisfaction of jointly acquired debt of the parents used as a deduction from the gross income of a parent.

H. Transportation expenses of a child between the homes of the parents may be divided between the parents in proportion to their adjusted gross income, so long as the payment of such expenses does not significantly reduce the ability of the custodial parent to provide for the basic needs of the child. ONCA 12-51, eff. June 18, 2012.