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A. Child support payments shall be made to the ONCSS. The disbursement of child support payments to an obligee or recipient of payment shall be made in accordance with Title IV-D laws.

B. If an obligee relinquishes his or her physical custody of the child to another custodian without a modification of the child support order or order to change custody, the relinquishment transfers the child support obligation pursuant to the child support order to the new custodian. The transfer shall terminate when the new custodian no longer has physical custody of the child, except for the amount of unpaid child support due to the custodian.

C. When an obligor gives money to his or her child(ren), the money shall be considered a gift to the child and not child support.

D. If an obligor overpays a child support obligation, the ONCSS shall recover the overpayment. ONCA 12-51, eff. June 18, 2012.