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A. The Membership Office is charged with:

1. Continuously maintaining a current Membership Roll;

2. Processing membership applications;

3. Enrolling new members, and dis-enrolling members who relinquish their membership;

4. Maintaining an official record of those persons who have relinquished membership, died, or been removed from the rolls by final court order; and

5. Referring all potential loss of membership actions to the Office of the Attorney General.

B. The Membership Office shall maintain a current and accurate Membership Roll, and forward a list of enrolled members’ names via secured means to the Clerk of the Osage Nation Congress and the Secretary of the Nation every thirty (30) days.

C. The Membership Office shall implement the provisions of this Act and any and all rules and regulations approved by the Osage Nation Congress. No other rules or regulations shall govern membership in the Osage Nation.

D. The Membership Office shall have no authority and is prohibited from taking any action to revoke the membership of a member of the Osage Nation or directly solicit revocation from a member.

E. The Membership Office Director shall ensure an impartial and confidential enrollment process, and shall refer all discovered irregularities in the enrollment process to the Osage Nation Attorney General.

F. The Membership Office may assist the Bureau of Indian Affairs with materials attendant to the issuance of Certificates of Degree of Indian Blood, but only to the extent set forth in contract with the United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs.

G. All Membership Office employees who interact with the public shall be notaries.

H. The Membership Office shall develop policies and procedures consistent with this Act and the rules and regulations contained herein. ONCA 16-16, eff. Dec. 14, 2015; ONCA 16-60, eff. Apr. 21, 2016.