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The following rules and regulations shall govern membership eligibility, application for membership, appeal procedures, loss of membership, and adoption of members. Any additional rules and regulations deemed necessary to carry out the provisions of this Act must by approved by the Osage Nation Congress to be effective. Any rule or regulation that conflicts with this Act shall be unenforceable.

Rule 1. Maintenance of Membership Roll

A. The Membership Office Director shall constantly maintain and update an official membership roll containing only the names, birthdates, and current mailing addresses of all enrolled members. An official membership roll of the Osage Nation shall be kept at the Osage Nation Membership Office and with the Clerk of the Osage Nation Congress.

B. A certified updated Membership Roll shall be delivered to the Osage Nation Congress by the Membership Office during the last seven days of each month.

C. A list of the names and addresses of adult members of the Osage Nation listed on the membership roll and eligible for jury service shall be delivered to the Osage Nation Tribal Court Clerk’s Office during the last seven days of each month.

D. The Membership Office shall modify the membership roll upon receipt of a certified death certificate of an Osage Nation member or upon receipt of a notarized death affidavit of the Osage Nation member.

Rule 2. Unauthorized Use of Membership Roll

A. The membership roll shall be used only for official government business. For the purposes of this section, official government business means a use imposed or allowed by this Act, including all legal, ethical, and privacy obligations attendant thereto, and includes:

1. Official government publications;

2. Notification of jury duty;

3. Notification of Osage Nation benefits;

4. Notifications of public meetings to members within a certain geographic region; and

5. Invitation to official government events.

but does not include:

1. Campaign material;

2. Material sent by individual Osage officials which expresses political opinions; or

3. Material which includes content that violates the Osage Constitution, laws and/or regulations and policies.

B. The membership roll may be subject to additional uses and restrictions as hereafter set forth in Osage law, or these rules and regulations.

C. The Osage Nation Tribal Courts shall have jurisdiction to adjudicate all violations of this section, including imposition of fines. Any violation of this section shall be punishable by a civil fine not to exceed One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00).

D. Any improper mailing to multiple recipients who are Osage members shall be deemed to be one violation.

Rule 3. Membership Application Requirements

A. Applications for Osage Nation membership must be available from the Membership Office either in person or by telephonic or email request during regular business hours, or by download from the official Osage Nation website.

B. Proof of lineal descent must accompany the completed application. The only accepted forms of proof of lineal decent are: certified original birth certificates, certified death certificates, certified paternity affidavit, certified adoption records, certified marriage certificates or Bureau of Indian Affairs issued Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) cards.

C. Collateral descendant documents are not acceptable proof of lineal descent.

D. All applications and supporting documentation are individually stamped, dated, and processed according to date of receipt.

E. Applications are processed in the order received. The Membership Office shall maintain a list of all pending applications and the employee designated to research the application.

F. All documentation and appropriate legal records of the applicant must be researched to verify the applicant meets the following requirements:

1. The applicant is a lineal descendant of one or more persons listed on the final roll of the Osage Tribe of Indians, pursuant to the Act of June 28,1906 (34 Stat. 539).

2. The records of each enrolled ancestor back to the Base Membership Roll are consistent with the records of the applicant.

G. Irrelevant documentation, hearsay, noncertified documents and all other irrelevant forms of communication are deemed inappropriate and shall not be discussed or considered in the decision-making process.

H. Upon completion of research, the application packet will be given to the Membership Office Director for verification and final approval. Should the Director undertake the research, or should the position be vacant, another employee shall verify the research is accurate.

Rule 4. Notifications to Applicants

A. All applications will be timely reviewed and applicants notified every sixty (60) days of the status of an application. All applications should be processed within six months of receipt.

B. If sufficient information is not supplied with the application for membership, the Membership Office shall notify the applicant of the need for the applicant to supply additional identified information. The notification shall include a statement that failure to supply the requested information shall deem the application withdrawn.

C. Once an application is approved, a computerized membership database shall assign the applicant a membership identification number.

D. The Membership Office shall notify the applicant of his or her enrollment as a member into the citizenry of the Osage Nation via U.S. mail, and file the membership information in a secured filing system at the Osage Nation Membership Office.

E. When an application is reviewed and an applicant determined ineligible for tribal membership, the applicant will be notified by certified mail, restricted delivery return receipt requested. The return receipt will be placed in the applicant’s file and noted.

Rule 5. Membership Identification Cards

A. All new members shall be mailed a tribal membership identification card. The identification card will be deemed official only when authorized and printed by the Osage Nation Membership Office.

B. One tribal membership identification card will be issued to each tribal member at no cost to the tribal member.

C. If a tribal member requests an additional tribal membership identification card due to loss, theft, or any other reason, the member shall pay a reasonable fee, not to exceed Thirty-Five Dollars ($35.00), payable to the Osage Nation Membership Office.

D. Members requesting new tribal membership identification cards due to documented legal name changes will not be charged a replacement fee.

Rule 6. Removal Processing

A. Any person who requests to relinquish membership shall be provided or mailed a membership relinquishment form. An adult member must sign the form in the presence of a notary and have the form notarized. A sponsor shall sign the relinquishment notification form on behalf of a minor or incapacitated or incompetent adult member in the presence of a notary and have the form notarized.

B. Membership relinquishment shall be effective the date the form is received by the Membership Office.

C. The names of persons removed by final court order shall be recorded pursuant to the order of removal, and the order placed in the person’s membership file.

D. The Office shall maintain a list of all individuals who have relinquished membership, and whether voluntary or by removal.

Rule 7. Re-enrollment Processing

A. Any former member who requests to re-enroll shall be provided or mailed a membership application form. An adult must sign the form in the presence of a notary and have the form notarized. A sponsor shall sign the application in the presence of a notary and have the form notarized.

B. The Office shall maintain an official list of all individuals who have re-enrolled.

C. Applicants who are ineligible for re-enrollment shall be notified via certified mail, restricted delivery. Undeliverable and returned mail shall be maintained in the applicant’s file.

Rule 8. Right to Verify Membership Status to Other Governments

The Membership Office may verify the membership status of individual persons to other tribal, local, state and federal governments by verbal communication, electronic communication or written correspondence. Disclosure is strictly limited to the individual’s membership status, and shall not include any personal information of the individual. ONCA 16-16, eff. Dec. 14, 2015; ONCA 21-113, eff. Sept. 23, 2021.