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A. This chapter shall apply to restricted land meaning any land within the jurisdiction of the Osage Nation, the title to which is held in the name of an Osage Indian or the Osage Nation subject to restrictions by the United States against alienation.

B. Individual restricted landowners and life estate holders of restricted land may request improvement and maintenance services on their property from the Osage Nation whether they own or hold all of the restricted property or any undivided interest in the real property. The services requested may include one or more of the following services in addition to any other services offered in the future:

1. Fencing;

2. Noxious weed control;

3. Boundary survey for the purpose of fencing;

4. Ponds;

5. Pond maintenance;

6. Critical access road maintenance;

7. Hazardous fuels reduction;

8. Prescribed burns; and

9. Property signage.

C. The Osage Nation shall not request or utilize funds specifically appropriated for restricted land improvement or maintenance on restricted property owned solely by the Osage Nation, but may provide services when requested by an individual restricted landowner or life estate holder of restricted property when the Osage Nation owns an undivided interest in the property.

D. The Osage Nation shall not require that a restricted landowner or life estate holder of restricted land obtain a lease through the Bureau of Indian Affairs or any other federal agency to receive services authorized by this chapter.

E. Real estate services shall maintain a list of services available to individual restricted landowners and make it public and readily available. ONCA 23-101, eff. Sept. 20, 2023.