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A. Information on obtaining a lease shall be available from the Director.

B. An applicant for a lease shall submit the following documents to the Director:

1. Financial statement;

2. Site survey and legal description, as required herein;

3. Tribal environmental review, as required herein; and

4. Other documents as may be required by the Director and the lease management plan.

C. A lease shall contain, at a minimum, the following provisions:

1. The tract, location, or parcel of land being leased;

2. Its purpose and authorized uses of the leased premises;

3. The names and addresses of the parties to the lease;

4. The term of the lease;

5. The effective date of the lease;

6. Identification of the party responsible for constructing, owning, operating, maintaining, and removing any improvements to the leased premises;

7. Indemnification of the United States and lessor;

8. Payment requirements, including provisions regarding the dates by which all payments are due, late payments, penalties, and interest;

9. Due diligence, insurance, and bonding requirements as provided in this Act, and as may be required by the lease management plan, as described in Section 4-301 of this Title;

10. The requirement that lessee shall make payments directly to the Director, and the specification of the method of payment required and acceptable; and

11. A provision stating that, by executing the lease, the lessee stipulates and consents to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the Osage Nation for purposes of adjudicating any disputes or claims arising under the lease or from the activities of the lessee or the lessee’s employees on the leasehold premises, unless the provisions of this subsection (C)(11) of this section have been expressly waived for the particular lease by way of a duly adopted resolution of the Osage Congress, signed by the Principal Chief, that identifies the specific lease and the lessee by name.

D. A lease may include a provision to give preference in hiring to members of the Osage Nation, consistent with Osage Nation law.

E. The Director may require additional information and documents and time to assist in making a leasing decision. Such additional information and documentation may include (but is not limited to) information regarding business organization and management, archeological reports, cultural and demographic studies, restoration and/or restoration plans, and proof of due diligence performed.

F. Nothing in this section waives the sovereign immunity of the Osage Nation or any of its agencies or offices. ONCA 17-01, eff. Dec. 9, 2016.