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A. If the Director determines a lessee is in default under the lease:

1. The Director shall send the lessee a notice of default within a reasonable time thereafter;

2. The notice of default shall be given in accordance with this Act, unless otherwise provided in the lease, and must be provided by personal delivery (and an affidavit of the details of the delivery) or certified mail, return receipt requested; and

3. A copy of the notice of default shall be sent by certified mail to any holder of a leasehold mortgage and any surety or performance bond issuer under Section 4-209 of this Title.

B. Within ten (10) days of receipt of the notice of default, lessee shall:

1. Cure the default and notify the Director, in writing, that the default has been cured;

2. Dispute the Director’s determination that the lease is in default and explain why the lease should not be canceled; or

3. Request additional time to cure the default. ONCA 17-01, eff. Dec. 9, 2016.