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§ 5-102. Findings – Purposes.
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A. The people of the Osage Nation have expressed a desire to increase the land base of the Osage Nation and repurchase land that was allotted in 1906 and is being offered for sale from time to time;

B. Since allotment, nearly ninety percent (90%) of the Osage Reservation surface land has left Osage ownership;

C. The Osage Nation wishes to reverse the trend of diminishing Osage ownership within the Osage Nation; and to make purchases of real property to increase the size of the surface land held by the Osage Nation for the benefit of the Osage people; and

D. The Osage Nation Congress finds that the Nation should place a high priority on the purchase of real property within the geographical boundaries of Osage County, Oklahoma. ONCA 14-58, eff. Apr. 16, 2015.