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A. Any purchase of real property from this fund shall be confined to restricted property within Osage County, Oklahoma.

B. All purchases shall be preceded by a written contract establishing the purchase price of the subject property which shall not waive any claim of sovereign immunity nor waive the trust responsibilities of the United States in completing the sale.

C. All sales documents set out the responsibilities of the United States after the sale is consummated.

D. No contract shall be entered into by the Nation if the purchase price exceeds the balance in the Restricted Real Property Repurchase Fund.

E. Any property purchased shall conform to one or more of the following requirements:

1. Property located within one mile of an existing property belonging to the Osage Nation consisting of one hundred sixty (160) acres or more, unless the parcel to be purchased is at least one hundred sixty (160) acres in size;

2. Property located adjacent to an existing property in which the Osage Nation has a divided or undivided interest;

3. Property with a perennial stream;

4. Property located above the Ada-Vamoosa aquifer according to data produced from surveys or proven wells, including that part expected to produce marginal water;

5. Property with demonstrable strategic or commercial value;

6. Adjacent to any State or U.S. government owned land or municipality;

7. Property in which the Osage Nation owns an undivided interest; or

8. Property which has demonstrable historical significance to the Osage Nation.

F. Purchases shall be made using a weighted scale developed using the following preferences:

1. Percentage of parcel usable as pasture, with a preference for pasture;

2. Size of parcel, with a preference for larger parcels of contiguous property;

3. Accessibility, with a preference for public access; and

4. Proximity to other Osage Nation holdings, with a preference to contiguous property purchases.

G. The Principal Chief or his written designee shall be responsible for representing the Nation in all sales, provided all information concerning all aspects of the sale shall be a matter of public record following the sale.

H. Restricted Lands Purchase Report, including closed sales, lands contracted for purchase, and properties offered for sale, will be updated by the tenth of the month following the closed sale, approved contract, or receipt of offer. The report will include offered price, sale price, and scheduled closing date. A report of all properties purchased with the Restricted Land Repurchase Fund will be provided to the Osage Nation Congress annually by the 10th day of October. ONCA 11-67, eff. Oct. 11, 2011; ONCA 19-02, eff. Nov. 7, 2018.