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A. Capital improvement” means changes to improve property, increase its useful life, or add to the value of the asset. Capital improvements may be structural improvements or other renovations to a building, other structure or land, or they may enhance usefulness or productivity of commercial property.

B. Commercial property” means any property belonging to the Osage Nation that is leased or intended to be leased to third parties for commercial or business purposes, except properties owned or managed by Osage Nation business entities formed pursuant to Article VII, Section 14 of the Osage Constitution.

C. Emergency repairs” means repair of structural or mechanical decay or damage to a property that will cause significant damage and monetary loss to the property if not repaired immediately.

D. Osage Nation property” means property in which the Osage Nation has full or fractionated ownership, is occupied by the Osage Nation government, and is annually maintained by the annual operating funds of the Osage Nation.

E. Preconstruction activities” means site selection, site development, site evaluation, conceptual design, programming, planning, cost analysis, design surveys, soil tests, cost estimate, feasibility studies or such activities for project development.

F. Regular maintenance” means repair of minor structural and mechanical decay or damage to a property on an ongoing basis, and upkeep of the lawn and landscaping of the property. ONCA 19-50, eff. June 26, 2019.