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A. There is hereby established a Permanent Fund, not subject to fiscal year limitation, to be administered by the Treasurer of the Osage Nation with the advice of the Investment Committee.

B. Deposits shall be made by Act of the Osage Nation Congress, and may constitute all or part of any surplus funds held in the general fund in the Treasury of the Osage Nation.

C. The funds deposited in the Permanent Fund shall be invested in accordance with the approved financial management plan and investment strategy of the Osage Nation, and all interest and dividends derived from the Permanent Fund investments shall remain in the Permanent Fund until appropriated.

D. The Permanent Fund shall be managed in accordance with the Financial Management Plan and Investment Strategy by the Investment Manager.

E. The Financial Management Plan and Investment Strategy shall be approved by resolution of the Osage Nation Congress prior to implementation or amendment. ONCA 12-85, eff. Apr. 19, 2013; ONCA 18-69, eff. Sept. 25, 2018; ONCA 19-24, eff. Apr. 16, 2019.