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A. There is hereby established in the Treasury a revolving fund for the Legislative Branch, not subject to fiscal year limitations, for the Osage Nation Code book licensing and sales revenues and codification related expenses.

B. The fund established by this section shall be designated the “Osage Nation Code Fund.”

C. The assets of the Osage Nation Code Fund shall consist of monies appropriated to it by Act of Congress, donations, and revenue received through sales of the Osage Nation Code books.

D. Expenditures out of the Osage Nation Code Fund shall be directed by the Osage Nation Congress through its designated Congressional Committee, and must be substantially related to codifying, updating, revising, publishing or distributing the laws of the Osage Nation.

E. The Osage Nation Code Fund shall exist until the Fund is terminated by Act of the Osage Nation Congress. ONCA 11-77, eff. Sept. 29, 2011.