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A. The purpose of this chapter is to save lives;

B. To ensure the safety and welfare of Osage members during natural disasters;

C. An additional purpose of this chapter is to establish a revolving fund for storm shelter assistance;

D. The Osage Nation Membership Department was unable, in 2022, to provide county level residence data for the entirety of the State of Oklahoma;

E. To provide guidance to the Executive Branch of the Osage Nation Government regarding congressional intent and purpose;

F. As of April 2024, the information provided by the Osage Nation Membership Department represents four thousand four hundred ninety-eight (4,498) members of the Osage Nation who currently reside in Osage County. This represents an increase of one hundred thirty-two (132) registered members from when the bill was originally filed in August of 2022. Only seventeen and four-tenths percent (17.4%) of the Osage Nation currently resides in Osage County, Oklahoma. This represents a decrease of three-hundredths percent (0.03%). While this information is limiting, it adequately represents the need for shelters for our people living in and outside of Osage County;

G. According to the National Weather Service, the following is presented:

1. One hundred eight (108) tornado events have occurred in Osage County from 1950-2023; and

2. Three hundred ninety-six (396) individuals have been injured, and thirty-six (36) individuals have been killed in tornado related incidences since 1911;

3. This information has not been updated to include the tornadic events of April and May of 2024 in Osage County, including the EF 4 tornado that struck the City of Barnsdall and claimed two lives;

H. While this data is only specific to Osage County, it represents the larger need for the Storm Shelter Assistance Fund. The Storm Shelter Assistance Fund is intended to be available to every Osage Nation citizen regardless of the location of their residence;

I. Citizens will be able to utilize the fund to assist with purchase of all types of shelters. Above ground, below ground, garage, safe room, earthquake proof rooms, tsunami shelters, hurricane shelters, and many others;

J. Information from the Osage Nation Membership Office is not able to be aggregated outside of Osage County at this time. Additional analysis would require an investment in the capabilities of the Osage Nation Membership Office software, which maintains a database of current Osage Nation citizens; and

K. In addition to the lifesaving possibility of the Storm Shelter Assistance Fund benefit from the Osage Nation, the presence of a storm shelter or safe room on a premises is widely associated with increased property value of the subject property. This provides an additional external benefit to the people of the Osage Nation who may choose to utilize this assistance. The purpose of this chapter is to save lives. ONCA 22-77, eff. May 17, 2024.