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In addition to, or as an alternative to, the revocation or suspension of licenses provided in Section 2-163 of this Title, the Commission may impose a civil penalty or a civil fine upon any individual, person or legal entity in an amount not to exceed Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000.00) for each violation set out in Sections 2-163(A), (B), (C) and (D) of this Title. In the case of a continuing violation, each day that such a violation occurs shall be deemed to be a separate violation. In such instances constituting an alleged violation, the Commission shall issue a citation to the offending party to appear before the Commission for a hearing on the matter. All civil fines and all civil penalties imposed shall be deemed to be debts owing to the Osage Nation, which shall be collected pursuant to the provisions of this Title. In addition, the failure to promptly pay any such civil fine or civil penalty shall constitute grounds and cause for suspension or revocation of licenses as the Commission may determine. ONCA 06-10, eff. Sept. 29, 2006.