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In addition to any other penalty imposed by law, any owner of a motor vehicle who does not apply for, and obtain a certificate of title, certificate of registration, license plate, and decal within twenty (20) days after purchasing or obtaining possession of a motor vehicle, or within twenty (20) days of establishing his residence and moving the vehicle within the Osage Nation jurisdiction shall be liable for a civil penalty of twenty-five cents (25¢) per day beginning on the twenty-first (21st) day. This penalty shall continue to accrue until the penalty equals twice the amount of the annual registration tax. Any vehicle not registered within three months after the expiration of the previous registration and being operated upon any public street or highway is hereby declared contraband and shall be subject to seizure and sale as is other cases, subject to the owner’s right to redeem the vehicle by payment of all taxes and penalties due. ONCA 06-10, eff. Sept. 29, 2006.