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A. Any insurance company that pays a total loss of a claim for any motor vehicle including, but not limited to, a flood-damaged vehicle or recovered-theft vehicle, any junk dealer who receives a motor vehicle which is to be used for junk or for parts, or any other person permanently dismantling or junking a vehicle shall receive the certificate of title from the current holder of the certificate of title, shall detach the license plate from the vehicle, and shall return the license plate and the certificate of title to the Osage Nation Tax Commission within thirty (30) days from receipt of the certificate.

B. The Tax Commission shall cancel the certificate of title to the motor vehicle used for junk or parts and shall preserve the vehicle identification numbers on the certificate of title in their files for at least three years.

C. No certificate of title may be reissued on a junked vehicle as defined in this Title, unless being reissued as a rebuilt title.

D. The Osage Nation Tax Commission shall transfer ownership of a vehicle damaged by flooding or other occurrence to the insurer by an original title, salvage title, or junked title, as may be appropriate, based upon an estimate of the amount of loss submitted by the insurer.

E. All license plates surrendered to the Tax Commission shall be destroyed. ONCA 14-38, eff. Apr. 28, 2014.