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A. Business” means any activity engaged in by any person, or caused to be engaged in by any person, with the object of gain, benefit or advantage, either direct or indirect.

B. Indian” means an enrolled member of any federally recognized Indian Nation.

C. Regulations” means any written rules and regulations adopted and administered by the Tax Commission pursuant to this chapter.

D. State” means the State of Oklahoma.

E. Tax” or “taxes” means the tax, and any interest, penalty, or costs, assessed or imposed pursuant to this chapter.

F. Taxable year” means the calendar year in which taxes are due and payable relative to the calendar year used for basis of assessment. Payment of the tax will be prorated by the number of days within the calendar year that the business was in existence.

G. Trust land” means any land located within the Osage Indian Reservation which is held in trust by the United States for the Nation or its members.

H. Use basis” means the basis upon which the tax is calculated, utilizing the net capitalization of income method as set forth in Section 9-107 of this Title.

I. Utility” means any privately or publicly held for-profit entity primarily engaged in supplying, transmitting, transporting, or distributing electricity, oil and oil products, gas, natural gas, natural gas products, water, carbon dioxide, liquid hydrocarbons, telephone, telegraph or other communication services, or transportation services including freight services. ONCA 06-10, eff. Sept. 29, 2006.