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Each taxpayer shall comply with the following reporting requirements and such other requirements as are by rules or regulations adopted by the Tax Commission:

A. Forms. The Tax Commission shall provide taxpayers with forms for reporting, calculating and paying the possessory interest tax to the Nation.

B. Reporting Date. Each taxpayer shall file its possessory interest tax return and remit payment with the return no later than April 15th.

C. Extension of Time. The Tax Commission, upon the written request of the taxpayer prior to the date of the return and/or payment, plus any applicable interest, and for good cause shown, may extend the time for making and filing any return, and may grant such reasonable additional time within which to make and file returns as it may deem proper, but any extension granting the taxpayer a reporting date without penalty in excess of thirty (30) days, shall be conditional upon deposit with the Tax Commission of an amount to be determined by the Tax Commission that shall be approximately equal to the estimated tax liability for the reporting period or periods for which the extension is granted. In the case of an extension of more than thirty (30) days, the deposit shall be deposited with the Osage Nation Treasury and a credit reported to the taxpayer’s account, which may be applied to taxpayer’s liability upon cancellation of the permanent extension or upon reporting of the tax liability where an extension of more than thirty (30) days has been granted.

D. Failure to Report; Administrative Valuation. If a taxpayer fails to file complete possessory interest tax reporting information, or to otherwise provide requested information or documents within its possession or control which are relevant to an assessment of the possessory interest, tax due under this chapter, the Tax Commission may proceed to assess the tax due based on available information. This assessment shall be binding on the taxpayer unless it shows that the assessment, on the basis of the best information available to the Tax Commission, was clearly erroneous or unless the Tax Commission for other good cause shown relieves the taxpayer from the operation of this subsection.

E. Reporting Requirements of Exempt Persons. No taxpayer or entity shall file possessory interest tax returns for any possessory interest which is exempted under Sections 9-104, 9-114 and other relevant sections of this chapter; provided, that the Tax Commission may require any taxpayer or entity to provide the information necessary to establish the claimed tax exemption.

F. Authority of the Tax Commission. The Tax Commission may by form or regulation require any taxpayer to file the information or documents deemed necessary for the proper and efficient administration of the tax.

G. Administrative Reports. The Tax Commission shall report all possessory interest tax activities and collections to the Osage Nation Congress at least annually.

H. Amended Returns. Amended returns for assessment may be filed and will be considered for a period of one year from the date of the original report. After one year, all reports will be considered final, except to the extent there has been an underpayment of taxes reported or due, in which case the penalty and interest provisions of Sections 1-193 and 1-197 of this Title shall apply. Any refunds of overpayments as a result of corrected assessment will be paid to the taxpayer. ONCA 06-10, eff. Sept. 29, 2006.