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A. A breach of contract by the buyer includes the buyer’s wrongful rejection or wrongful attempt to revoke acceptance of goods, wrongful failure to perform a contractual obligation, failure to make a payment when due, and repudiation.

B. If the buyer is in breach of contract the seller, to the extent provided for by this Act or other law, may:

1. Withhold delivery of such goods;

2. Stop delivery of the goods under 27A ONC § 2-705;

3. Proceed under 27A ONC § 2-704 with respect to goods unidentified to the contract or unfinished;

4. Reclaim the goods under 27A ONC § 2-507(B) or 27A ONC § 2-702(B);

5. Require payment directly from the buyer under 27A ONC § 2-325(A)(3);

6. Cancel;

7. Resell and recover damages under 27A ONC § 2-706;

8. Recover damages for nonacceptance or repudiation under 27A ONC § 2-708(A)or in a proper case the price (27A ONC § 2-709);

10. Recover the price under 27A ONC § 2-709;

11. Obtain specific performance under 27A ONC § 2-716;

12. Recover liquidated damages under 27A ONC § 2-718;

13. In other cases, recover damages in any manner that is reasonable under the circumstances.

C. If the buyer becomes insolvent, the seller may:

1. Withhold delivery under 27A ONC § 2-702(A);

2. Stop delivery of the goods under 27A ONC § 2-705;

3. Reclaim the goods under 27A ONC § 2-702(B). ONCA 13-23, eff. Sept. 24, 2013.