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A. General Rule – Perfection by Filing. Except as otherwise provided in subsection (B) of this section and the section of this Osage Nation Secured Transactions Act dealing with perfection of a security interest in money, a financing statement must be filed to perfect all security interests.

B. Exceptions – Filing Not Necessary. The filing of a financing statement is not necessary to perfect a security interest:

1. That is perfected under 27A ONC § 9-308(C), dealing with liens securing rights to payment;

2. That is perfected when it attaches under 27A ONC § 9-309;

3. In property subject to a statute, regulation, or treaty described in 27A ONC § 9-311(B);

4. In goods in possession of a bailee which is perfected under 27A ONC § 9-312(D)(1)or (D)(2);

5. In certificated securities, negotiable documents, goods, or instruments which is perfected without filing or possession under 27A ONC § 9-312(E), (F) or (G);

6. In collateral in the secured party’s possession under 27A ONC § 9-313;

7. In a security or an investment account perfected by control under 27A ONC § 9-314;

8. In proceeds which is perfected under 27A ONC § 9-315; or

9. That is perfected under 27A ONC § 9-316 relating to continued perfection of security interests perfected under the law of another jurisdiction.

C. Assignment of Perfected Security Interest. If a secured party assigns a perfected security interest, a filing under this Osage Nation Secured Transactions Act is not required to continue the perfected status of the security interest against creditors of and transferees from the original debtor. ONCA 07-22, eff. June 18, 2007.