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The following rules apply to notification before disposition of collateral:

A. The contents of a notification of disposition are sufficient if the notification:

1. Describes the debtor and the secured party;

2. Describes the collateral that is the subject of the intended disposition;

3. States the method of intended disposition;

4. States that the debtor is entitled to an accounting of the unpaid indebtedness and states the charge, if any, for an accounting;

5. States the time and place of a public disposition or the time after which any other disposition is to be made;

6. Describes any liability for a deficiency by the person receiving the notice; and

7. States a telephone number or mailing address from which additional information concerning redemption, disposition and the obligation secured is available.

B. Whether the contents of a notification that lacks any of the information specified in subsection (A) of this section are nevertheless sufficient is a question of fact.

C. The contents of a notification providing substantially the information specified in subsection (A) of this section are sufficient, even if the notification includes:

1. Information not specified by that paragraph; or

2. Minor errors that are not seriously misleading.

D. A particular phrasing of the notification is not required. ONCA 07-22, eff. June 18, 2007.