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A. The Court may assess the accruing costs of the case against the party or parties against whom judgment is given. Such costs shall consist of expenses of voluntary witnesses for which either party may be responsible and the fees of jurors in those cases where a jury trial is had, and any other incidental expenses connected with the procedure before the Court as the Court may direct.

B. In all civil suits the complainant may be required to deposit with the Clerk of the Court a fee or other security in a reasonable amount to cover costs and disbursements in the case.

C. When the Osage Nation is a party to an action, through an appeal of an administrative action, or otherwise, as may be expressly permitted by Osage Nation law, the sovereign immunity of the Osage Nation is waived only to permit the recovery of court costs against it by a prevailing party of court costs actually deposited and expended and such shall not include attorneys’ fees, deposition expenses, case preparation expenses, witness fees and expenses or other litigation expenses.

D. When the Osage Nation is a party plaintiff to a suit, it shall not be required to advance or pay court costs, but it may recover all costs against all defendants which a private litigant would be authorized to recover, including reasonable attorneys’ fees. ONCA 11-41, eff. Apr. 12, 2011.