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A. This code shall be deemed to be amendatory and supplemental to all Osage Nation codes heretofore or hereafter enacted which involve licenses, permits, contracts, rentals, leases and/or permission to conduct business from the Osage Nation within the jurisdiction of the Osage Nation, unless any such business or activity is expressly exempted from the provisions hereof by a formal resolution of the Osage Nation Congress. Its provisions shall apply to those of both Indian and non-Indian blood and descent and to artificial entities or persons regardless of their ownership. This code shall not apply to any activity involving the Osage Minerals Estate under the trusteeship of the Secretary of the Interior unless the Osage Nation Congress expressly includes such an activity by a separate resolution which may be appropriate and lawful under such a specific circumstance.

B. All activities enumerated in subsection (A) of this section, are hereby declared to be privileges and benefits to be bestowed by the Osage Nation and such are not property interests or matters of right.

C. This code shall expressly and specifically apply, but is not limited to, the benefits, licenses, permits, contracts, rentals, leases, and activities included within the scope and purview of the following:

1. The Osage Nation Revenue and Taxation code;

2. The Osage Nation Gaming code;

3. The Osage Nation Gaming Commission code;

4. The Osage Nation Right-to-Work code;

5. The Osage Nation Housing code;

6. The Osage Nation Building code; and

7. The Osage Nation Personnel Manual.