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The officer who levies upon goods and chattels, by virtue of an execution issued by the Court, before he proceeds to sell the same shall cause public notice to be given of the time and place of sale, for at least ten (10) days before the day of sale. The notice shall be given by advertisement, published in some newspaper of a general circulation within the Osage Reservation, by setting up advertisements in five public places in the Reservation. Two advertisements shall be put up in the township where the sale is to be held; and where goods and chattels levied upon cannot be sold for want of bidders, the officer making such return shall annex to the execution a true and perfect inventory of such goods and chattels, and the plaintiff in such execution may thereupon sue at another writ of execution, directing the sale of the property levied upon as aforesaid; but such goods and chattels shall not be sold, unless the time and place of sale be advertised, as herein before provided. ONCA 07-37, eff. Apr. 23, 2007; ONCA 11-41, eff. Apr. 12, 2011.