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A. When a general execution is issued and placed in the custody of the Osage Nation Police Chief for levy, a certified copy of such execution shall be filed in the Office of the Court Clerk and shall be indexed the same as judgments.

B. If a general or special execution is levied upon an interest in lands and tenements, the Osage Nation Police Chief shall endorse on the face of the writ the legal description and shall have three disinterested persons who have taken an oath to impartially appraise the property so levied on, upon actual view; and such disinterested persons shall return to the officer their signed estimate of the real value of said property.

C. To extend a judgment lien beyond the initial or any subsequent statutory period, prior to the expiration of such period, a certified copy of a general execution thereon shall be filed and indexed in the same manner as judgments in the Office of the Court Clerk. ONCA 07-37, eff. Apr. 23, 2007.