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If the Court, upon the return of any writ of execution, for the satisfaction of which any lands or tenements have been sold, shall, after having carefully examined the proceedings of the officer, be satisfied that the sale has, in all respects, been made in conformity with the provisions of this chapter, the Court shall direct the Clerk to make an entry on the journal that the Court is satisfied of the legality of such sale, and an order that the officer make to the purchaser a deed for such interest in lands and tenements; and the officer, on making such sale, shall deposit the purchase money with the Clerk of the Court where same shall remain until the Court shall have examined his proceedings as aforesaid, when said Clerk of the Court shall pay the same to the person entitled thereto, agreeably to the order of the Court. ONCA 07-37, eff. Apr. 23, 2007; ONCA 11-41, eff. Apr. 12, 2011.